This is a list of questions we are often asked about furniture rental. If you have any questions, take a look through this list and you may find what you need to know.

General Questions

How do I choose my rental furniture?+

We have provided comprehensive inventory lists on this website to make selection simple. Choose the items you want and select one of the three styles where appropriate: traditional, contemporary or apartment. This is to ensure the furnishings are in keeping with the style of your home. Note that items will be subject to availability for short term rentals. If you have a special request or need something that does not appear on our standard inventory lists, contact us and we will advise on its availability and price.

Do you have other items that are not shown on your website?+

The items shown on our website are examples only. We have a wide range of items in different styles and colours and our inventory is constantly growing. If you have any specific requirements, please let us know and we will do all we can to meet your needs.

What's your minimum rental period?+

Our minimum rental period is four weeks. If you wish, you can have furniture for a shorter period but you will have to pay for four weeks rental.

Do I have to rent a complete package?+

We don't rent single items. Please contact HousePak to discuss your requirements.

Delivery Installation and Collection

How fast can you arrange delivery?+

Generally we require four working days notice prior to delivery but we will do all we can if you have an emergency.

What are your delivery/pickup times?+

We deliver  during normal business hours (8:30am to 5:00pm) five days a week except public holidays. Collections are organised to be completed prior to the delivery of your goods. Times outside this can sometimes be arranged, so give us a call if you have a special request.